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Network pharmacies

Medicare drug plans have contracts with pharmacies that are part of the plan’s “network.” If you go to a pharmacy that isn’t in your plan’s network, your plan may not cover your drugs. Along with retail pharmacies, your plan’s network may include preferred pharmacies, a mail-order program, and a 60- or 90-day retail pharmacy program.

• Preferred pharmacies

If your plan has preferred pharmacies, you may save money by using them. Your prescription drug costs (like a copayment or coinsurance) may be less at a preferred pharmacy because it has agreed with your plan to charge less.

• Mail-order programs

Some plans may offer a mail-order program that allows you to get up to a 90-day supply of your covered prescription drugs sent directly to your home. This may be a cost-effective and convenient way to fill prescriptions you take every day.

• 60- or 90-day retail pharmacy programs

Some retail pharmacies may also offer a 60- or 90-day supply of covered prescription drugs.


Information supplied via Medicare Fact Sheet May 2017

CMS Product No. 11136

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