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Costs and Coverage

Out-of-Pocket Costs:

  • Whether the plan charges a monthly premium.
  • Whether the plan has a yearly deductible or any additional deductibles.
  • How much you may pay as a copay or coinsurance for each visit or service
  • Whether you go to a provider who accepts Medicare assignment
  • Whether you need additional benefits such as Dental or Vision and the plan charges for it.
  • The plan's yearly limit on your out-of-pocket costs for all medical services.
  • Plan premiums can change on a Yearly basis and remember you must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium

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  • Medicare Advantage Plans must cover all the services that Original Medicare covers. Medicare Advantage Plans cover Urgent care and Emergency services.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans may offer additional coverage such as vision, hearing, dental, and/or health and wellness programs. In addition to your Part B premium, you usually pay a monthly premium for the Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Many plans include Part D coverage
  • Usually must use Providers in the Plans Network    


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