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The CareMore Model


Improving Outcomes and Controlling Health Care Spending for High-Needs Patients

Fall is just around the corner and time to get ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment season. So often we use this time to find a Medicare Advantage plan with lower out-of-pocket costs. Recently I came across an article about one of the Medicare Advantage Health plans I represent and thought? What if people knew more about the CareMore Model of Care and how it works? The idea of just trading one Medicare Advantage plan for another for lower out-of-pocket costs might change because now they have actual proven data to back up claims as to how good a plans results are. (this is besides the Medicare Star Ratings that Medicare assigns to each of the Health plans that they approve yearly).

Understanding a Model of Care helps customers in making better informed decisions about the quality of care one expects and if that Model of Care could meet their expectations.  Read on about the successes this Model of Care has obtained and I want to thank The Commonweath Fund and the study they undertook and published in March 2017 to provide some factual evidence about this.

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