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Promoting Integrated and Coordinated Care

Medicare Advantage:

Promoting Integrated and Coordinated Care for Medicare Beneficiaries

Submitted to the
House Ways and Means Committee
Subcommittee on Health
June 7, 2017
America’s Health Insurance Plans
601 Pennsylvania Avenue ,NW
Suite 500, South Building
Washington, D.C. 20004



MA plans offer a different approach to health care delivery than beneficiaries experience under the Medicare FFS program. MA plans have developed systems of coordinated care for ensuring that beneficiaries receive health care services on a timely basis, while also providing access to disease management services for their chronic conditions. These coordinated care systems provide for the seamless delivery of health care services across the continuum of care. Physician services, hospital care, prescription drugs, and other health care services are integrated and delivered through an organized system whose overriding purpose is to prevent illness, manage
chronic conditions, improve health status, and employ best practices to swiftly treat medical conditions as they occur.... Read more by clicking on the LINK...