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Medicare (CMS) Expanding Primary Health-Related Medicare Advantage benefits

As part of today’s announcement on Monday 4.2.2018  and guidance, the agency CMS is reinterpreting the standards for health-related supplemental benefits in the Medicare Advantage program to include additional services that increase health and improve quality of life, including coverage of non-skilled in-home supports and other assistive devices. CMS is expanding the definition of “primarily health related.” Under the new definition, the agency will allow supplemental benefits if they compensate for physical impairments, diminish the impact of injuries or health conditions, and/or reduce avoidable emergency room utilization. 

The final policies also advance the “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative – an effort aimed at removing regulatory obstacles and empowering patients to make informed healthcare decisions; developing innovative approaches to improving quality, accessibility, and affordability; and improving beneficiaries’ customer experience. Specifically, the final policies will:

  • Authorize CMS to permit plans to use notice of electronic posting (and provision of copies upon request) to satisfy disclosure requirements for certain bulky documents to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Improve transparency of the Star Ratings that give beneficiaries information about each Medicare Advantage and Part D plan’s quality rating. The changes put patients first by increasing the weight given to patient experience and access measures.
  • Streamline government review and approval of marketing materials Medicare health and drug plan use.

Click on this link to read the full Press release from Medicare.

Medicare Advantage benefit changes

Heres additional information from Kaiser Health News.

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Expanding the Health-related benefits defination