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Trusted Dental Insurance Plans from Spirit

For Families, Individuals, and Seniors Without The Wait.

Whether you’re looking for individual, senior or family insurance we’ve got you covered, with guaranteed acceptance and no waiting periods*.  With Spirit Dental, you’ll find the plan you need to maintain your oral health without draining your budget. Compare Spirit Dental to other insurance plans and you’ll see for yourself what we already know – We are in it for the “little people of America”.  Spirit Dental provides a wide range of affordable plans and benefits and has a professional support staff dedicated to helping you.


Spirit Dental:

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 Spirit Senior Dental Insurance:

Make sure you’re protected during a time you may need it most.

Senior citizens across the U.S. are seeking coverage to aid in reducing their dental expenditures. Teeth, like bones, can soften as time passes and grow significantly more susceptible to degeneration and breakage. This can mean that seniors are often in need of more oral care than younger Americans, as they deal with broken teeth, loosened implants, gum problems, or other issues.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 46.3 million adults in the U.S. age 65 and over have no dental coverage. That same article also notes that without coverage, individuals are at a higher risk for dentures and less likely receive treatment for gum disease. *

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